Sunday, 27 May 2012

year 6 Grammar - Conjunctions


Conjunctions are words that join words, phrases and sentences.

and, because, but, or, so, therefore, although, if
    1. and
      1. Gary likes nasi lemak. Bala likes nasi lemak.
        Gary and Bala like nasi lemak.

      2. The baby can stand. The baby can crawl.
        The baby can stand and crawl.
    1. but
      1. Lim wants to play football. Halim wants to play hockey.
        Lim wants to play football but Halim wants to play hockey.

      2. Fariza wants to help her brother. Fariza is sick.
        Fariza wants to help her brother but she is sick.
    1. so
      1. She was hungry. She cooked some food.
        She was hungry so she cooked some food.

      2. They were tired. They rested for an hour.
        They were tired so they rested for an hour.
    1. although
      1. They came to the class. It was raining.
        They came to the class, although it was raining.

      2. We must finish our work. We are very sleepy.
        Although we are very sleepy, we must finish our work.
    1. if
      1. Saras can help you. She has the book.
        Saras can help you if she has the book.

      2. You will not get wet. You have an umbrella.
        You will not get wet if you have an umbrella.
    1. because
      1. The baby is crying. The baby is hungry.
        The baby is crying because he is hungry.

      2. The table is going to break. The legs are weak.
        The tables is going to break because the legs are weak.
    1. or
      1. Does Julie want a red dress? Does Julie want a blue dress?
        Does Julie want a red or blue dress?

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