Sunday, 27 May 2012

year 6 Grammar - Subject-Verb Agreement

Subject–Verb Agreement

  1. The subject and verb in a sentence must always agree.
      1. He lives in Kuala Kubu Baru.
        (singular subject He agrees with the singular verb form lives)
      2. We sing in the school choir.
        (plural subject we agrees with the plural verb form sing)
      3. They work in Mr Tan's house this week.
        (plural subject They agrees with the plural verb form work)
  1. The following words take singular verbs.
      no oneeveryonesomethingnobodyeverything
      1. Each boy has his own book.
      2. Every girl does her work well.
      3. Everyone studies hard for the examination.
      4. Everything is interesting in the museum.
      5. Everybody believes in God.
      6. Someone has lost my book.
      7. Somebody is drawing pictures on the walls!
      8. Something has to be done soon.
      9. Has anyone taken my pen?
      10. Anybody who wants it must tell us.
      11. We must do anything he wants us to do.
      12. No one leaves this room without the teacher's permission.
      13. Nobody speaks to that naughty boy.
      14. Nothing in this room is expensive.
  1. Uncountable nouns take singular verbs.
      1. The water is hot.
      2. The air is cool.
      3. The sand is very dry.
      4. There is ice cream in the refrigerator.
  1. Collective nouns take singular verbs.
      1. A swarm of bees is coming in this direction.
      2. herd of buffaloes is grazing in the field.
      3. This football team is very good.

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